Wood Texture Options: Rough Sawn, Skip-Dressed, Fresh Sawn, and Dressed

Wood texture options

When purchasing lumbers and timbers, you’ll be confronted with wood texture (sometimes called finishing) options. Understanding the difference between rough sawn, fresh sawn, skip-dressed, and dressed lumber might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually very straightforward!  Texture Roughness Rough Sawn High  Fresh Sawn  Medium  Skip-dressed  Low  Dressed  None  What is rough sawn timber?   Sometimes called rough cut…

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Prefinished Wood Siding Guide

Finished Wood Siding - Ottawa

If you’re looking to re-side your home with wood, you have two main options: unfinished wood siding or prefinished wood siding.   Prefinished siding is popular because it comes with a factory finish, so you don’t need to worry about painting or staining after installation. It’s very easy to install and is warranted for up…

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How to Match Gingerbread Trim 

There are over 7,500 properties listed in Ottawa’s heritage register, with many of the homes in the Victorian or Carpenter Gothic style. While these homes are undoubtedly beautiful, a problem homeowners of these heritage buildings often face is how to match deteriorating (or missing) gingerbread trim.   You could try to replicate the trim by hand…

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Unfinished Wood Siding Guide

When it comes to choosing wood siding, there are a lot of options. First and foremost, you have to decide if you want to install unfinished siding or go with prefinished siding. For this article, we’re focusing exclusively on unfinished options. Learn about prefinished options in our article: Prefinished Wood Siding Guide. There are three…

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Cedar, Ipe or Red Batu Decking – Which is Best for You?

When it comes to the best wood for an Ottawa deck, there are three main options: Western Red cedar, Ipe, and Red Batu. Any of these woods would be an excellent choice for your deck, and often the decision comes down to personal preference and budget considerations.   Cedar  Western red cedar is the classic decking…

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Why We Recommend CUTEK Extreme to Finish Decks 

Are you looking to stain your wood decking? High-quality decking stains protect and maintain (or enhance!) the natural look of wood. But, with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which finish is best for your project.   We’re here to help by highlighting the benefits of CUTEK wood oil…

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5 Reasons to Use Red Batu for Decking   

Red Batu Decking

Red Batu hardwood is an increasingly popular exterior decking wood. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it’s durable in harsh weather conditions: a winning combination! Red Batu is similar to other hardwoods like Ipe, and can be used in place of composite or synthetic decking. In addition to decks, Red Batu can…

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4 Tips to Finish a Cedar Deck

Are you installing a western red cedar deck?  Cedar is an incredibly durable building material that’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. To keep your deck looking great for years to come, follow these four steps:  Properly prepare the deck surface Choose the right finish Apply finish like a pro Maintain the deck surface…

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4 Tips to Finish Douglas Fir Lumber 

When working with dressed Douglas Fir, either inside or outside, you’ll want to protect the wood by properly finishing it. We talked to our experts to compile the top four tips on how to properly finish your Douglas Fir lumber:  1. Wait for Lumber to Dry   In order for stain or other finish to properly soak…

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Knotty vs. Select Cedar – Which Should You Choose?    

select/knotty cedar decking

Western red cedar is a popular material for interior and exterior applications, and rightfully so. It’s durable, sustainable, and beautiful. Cedar is also versatile because the wood is sorted based on a number of criteria, so you can choose the right grade for your project (and budget).   One of the ways that cedar is categorized…

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