HOFT: An Alternative Fencing Option 

When you think about a fence for your yard, many people picture a traditional style made of cedar or Douglas fir pickets and wooden posts. While this is a classic look, an alternative option is the HOFT system that combines metal posts with your choice of infill (either wooden or synthetic).  

HOFT Fencing 

The HOFT system is a modern take on traditional fencing that is convenient and versatile. It’s a slide fencing system, so boards are inserted horizontally between two posts. The best part is that the infill boards don’t require any nails or screws to secure. The system comes with spaces that simply slide in. This makes it perfect for those who love DIY projects or want a hassle-free installation experience. 

The HOFT system uses aluminum posts. They’re tough, weather-resistant, and built to last, so you can trust them to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws their way. Plus, you can anchor them on all sorts of surfaces – wood, cement, composite, or fiberglass – giving you lots of flexibility in where you put your fence. 

8’ HOFT Post 
HOFT offers an 8’ post, but this is not meant to be used as an 8’ fence. It’s for use in traditional fence applications where the post should be buried in 2’ of concrete. 

A neat thing about the HOFT system is you can use deck boards as infill boards. Whether you prefer wood or PVC, you can choose the material that suits your style and needs. And with different sizes, colours, and finishes available, you can really make your fence your own. 

While HOFT will work with any standard deck board (5/4 wood or 1” PVC or composite), at The WoodSource we recommend using wood or PVC such as AZEK TimberTech to ensure the longevity of your fencing system.  
If you have any other questions about what you should and shouldn’t be using with HOFT, one of our sales associates would be happy to help answer your questions.  

HOFT Accessories 

The HOFT system isn’t just about fencing. It also comes with a range of accessories to make your outdoor space even better: 

  1. Planter: With HOFT’s medium and large planters, you can create your own vertical garden. They’re a great way to add some greenery to your yard without taking up too much space. 
  1. Shelf: Need extra storage? HOFT’s shelf accessory lets you add shelves anywhere along your fence. Whether you want to store gardening tools or display outdoor decor, these shelves have got you covered. 
  1. Hooks: Hang towels, BBQ accessories, or even artwork with HOFT’s handy hooks. Sold in packs of two, they’re a simple but effective way to keep your outdoor space organized. 
  1. Gate Kit: Complete your fence with a customizable gate using HOFT’s gate kit. It’s easy to cut to the correct height and width, so you can create an entry point that matches the rest of your fence. 

The HOFT system isn’t just practical – it looks good too. Its modern design adds a touch of style to any outdoor space, making it a real eye-catcher. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your yard or take on a new DIY project, why stick with the same old picket fence? Come and visit us in the showroom, and one of our sales associates would be happy to help put together a quote for your new fence!