Custom Tabletops
& Glue-ups

Our on-site glue-up shop is your one-stop to commission a custom tabletop, shelf, stair set, or other project to your exact specifications.

Tabletops & Glue-ups Ottawa WoodSource
Glue-up Table Ottawa WoodSource

Choose the shape, width, length, thickness and species - and we'll do the rest.

Glue-up Includes:

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Cut to Size

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Available option: Marine-grade glue for outdoor or water-exposed applications

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Custom Tabletop Ottawa WoodSource

What Can you Make with a Glue-up?







Custom Stairs

Landings and Volutes


CNC Services

After the glue-up process, we can provide additional services in our CNC shop to ensure your project is finished perfectly.

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Prevent Cupping

Install a high-strength steel c-channel into a recess on the underside of a glue-up.

Recommended on projects wider than 24"

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Precision Cutouts & Edging

We can cut your glue-up to a precise shape, or expertly cut-out space for a sink or other insert in your piece.

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Custom Inscriptions

With our on-site CNC machines, we can easily add a custom message or design.

Get a custom quote for your glue-up project. Provide the details, and we'll get back to you within one business day!