Our Team

Our friendly staff will provide expert advice on all of our products and assist in getting the right materials you need to finish your project.

Tim Priddle WoodSource
Tim Priddle
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Phil Priddle WoodSource
Phil Priddle
Vice President
ext. 210
Mark Priddle WoodSource
Mark Priddle
Sales Manager
ext. 219
Samuel Priddle WoodSource
Samuel Priddle
Fulfillment Manager
ext. 223
George Wilson WoodSource
George Wilson
Store Manager

ext. 214
Nic Vowles WoodSource
Nic Vowles 
Retail Supervisor

ext. 213
Nate Van Noy
Sales Associate

ext. 232
Holly Winker
Sales Associate

ext. 240
Myles Shaw WoodSource
Myles Shaw
Sales Associate

ext. 229
Greg Whelan WoodSource
Greg Whelan
Account Manager

ext. 221
Joe Popma
Business Development Manager
ext. 247
Derrick Smiley WoodSource
Derrick Smiley
CNC Manager

ext. 261
Hank Vedder WoodSource
Hank Vedder
Reclaimed Manager

ext. 212
Patrick Allard WoodSource
Patrick Allard
Production Engineer

ext. 257
Phil Scott WoodSource Ottawa
Phil Scott
Yard Supervisor

ext. 248
Aaron Friesen
Yard Training Coordinator

ext. 262
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly
Mill Lead Hand

Loni John
Loni John
Warehouse Cash Associate