Factory Applied Finishing Services

We can stain or paint any of our unfinished wood products for interior or exterior use including tongue and groove siding and panelling, decking, timbers, and dressed wood for accent or slat walls.


Consistent Colour


Uniform Thickness


Ready to Install

Penetrating Water-Based Clear --- Soffit Sanded
Whitewash Soffit, Siding
Semi-Transparent Soffit, Siding, Fencing
Film-Forming Clear Ceiling Soffit Sanded
Whitewash Soffit, Siding
Lacquer Clear Matte Ceiling, Panelling, Trim --- Sanded
Clear Satin
Black Matte
Two-Tone Opaque Finish Ceiling, Panelling Soffit, Siding Sanded
Solid Colour Opaque Finish Ceiling, Panelling Soffit, Siding Sanded

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please allow four weeks for our standard finishing program (for in-stock items). 

We can paint or stain any of our unfinished wood products including siding, panelling, soffits, decking, and even timbers. Please note profiles with sharp corners are not covered under warranties.

Yes! Most of our finishing options include a custom colour match. Please allow extra lead time for custom colours. 

Film-Forming: This type of finish creates a physical barrier on the surface, protecting the wood from the elements and damage. Film forming finishes typically retain colour longer than penetrating stains but needs to be properly maintained to prevent flaking and cracking. 

Penetrating Finish: A durable finish where the stain soaks into the wood’s cellular structure to prevent water penetration. The finish will not last as long as a film forming but doesn’t have the same strict maintenance timeline as the finish simply fades instead of peeling. 

All wood is prepared for finishing by either being sanded or brushed. Sanding will smooth the surface, creating a nice even substrate – perfect for a modern look. 

Brushing applies a texture and highlights the wood grain, creating a rustic, reclaimed wood look.  

A third option is resawn, where the face of the wood is cut to create a fresh, but still rough, surface. Please note, not all products are eligible for resawing. 

When choosing colours for exterior applications, please keep the following in mind: 

  • Lighter colours will fade more quickly than darker colours.  
  • Clear exterior finishes do not provide any protection against UV damage and will weather the wood. 
  • For maximum protection, 3 coats of a darker colour are recommended.

Semi-Transparent Available in Film-Forming & Penetrating Water-Based

Two-Tone Available in Solid Opaque Two-Tone

A durable and unique finish option that consists of two coats of solid colour and a semi-translucent top-coat.

Solid Colours Available in Solid Opaque

An acrylic solid opaque coating similar to leading pre-finished brands.

Maintenance & Warranties Maintenance

Regular maintenance is required to protect the substrate and keep the finish looking new. 

For all exterior finishes, we recommend cleaning yearly with water and a mild cleaner like dish soap.  

  • Do not use a pressure washer. 
  • Do not use harsh chemicals. 

After a thorough cleaning, inspect the finish for any damage and spot re-finish if needed. For more detailed instructions, please refer to our Factory-Finishing Maintenance Guide. 

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