Reclaimed Division

Reclaiming the Past to Build the Future

The motto “Reclaiming the past to build the future” is front and center of our mission here at The WoodSource. We continue to be one of Canada’s largest wholesalers of vintage/antique, reclaimed wood. We carry a large inventory of hand-hewn timbers, authentic exterior barn siding, interior board, plank/threshing floor and roof board. We take great pride in the quality of our product and we inspect every piece to ensure that you receive only the best quality material.

The Manager
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Hank Vedder
Hank Vedder has been manager of the Reclaimed Division since 2013.  His experience of being raised on a local dairy farm and then working in the construction industry for 37 years has put him in a position where he understands the importance of supply management being connected to product sales. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Hank with any material that you might want to offer up for sale.

The Division

Reclaimed Divison
Our Reclaimed Lumber Division has been in existence since 1999. Our reclaimed material is situated on our 11 acre site here in Ottawa, ON. At The WoodSource, we salvage and re-purpose material with a view to saving our landfill whilst recognizing the beauty of authentic, rustic material from generations past. We are open to receive supply of material and would warmly welcome any reclaimed material supplier into our yard.


We pride ourselves in hosting one of Canada's largest reclaimed inventories. Here at The WoodSource, our supplier network is critically important to our current and ongoing success. We seek reclaimed lumber sourced from various places such as old barns, industrial buildings, and occasionally, house material. If you are also passionate about preserving history, we are always looking to establish relationships with new suppliers. To find out more about our supplier guidelines, check out the Supplier Processing Information link.


Retail/Wholesale - Canada


The WoodSource, in partnership with Atmosphère & Bois boasts one of the finest inventories of reclaimed wood in North America. Visit their showroom to see the entire inventory!

Wholesale - USA


We are actively seeking new wholesale relationships in the USA. If you are currently working on a project in the USA that is calling for reclaimed material and looking for a quote, please contact Hank!