Sanding Cedar Deck Boards: New Decks 

Sanding Cedar Deck Boards

Sanding cedar deck boards is a fundamental step in deck preparation.  In addition to creating a smooth surface that feels good under bare feet, it’s important for proper stain absorption. Sanding opens the grains and removes any surface glazing that might remain from the milling process.  We recommend using a random orbital sander to speed…

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Smooth vs. Rough: How Does Texture Affect Finishing? 

How Does Texture Affect Finishing?

Understanding how texture affects finishing is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic and intended results. So, let’s talk texture and delve into the way smooth vs. rough textures affect the finishing process.     There are three things to consider when choosing the right texture:    Smooth vs. Rough: Absorption Dynamics    The wood’s texture plays a vital role…

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