4 Types of Sawn Wood 

Sawn lumber

When processing logs into planks and dimensional lumber, four main saw patterns can be used:   It’s important to understand the difference in saw patterns because the way wood is cut affects its stability and appearance.  Flat Sawn (Also called Plain Sawn)  Log Cut Surface/Face Grain End Grain Flat sawn is the most common cut pattern…

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Wood Texture Options: Rough Sawn, Skip-Dressed, Fresh Sawn, and Dressed

Wood texture options

When purchasing lumbers and timbers, you’ll be confronted with wood texture (sometimes called finishing) options. Understanding the difference between rough sawn, fresh sawn, skip-dressed, and dressed lumber might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually very straightforward!  Texture Roughness Rough Sawn High  Fresh Sawn  Medium  Skip-dressed  Low  Dressed  None  What is rough sawn timber?   Sometimes called rough cut…

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4 Tips to Finish Douglas Fir Lumber 

When working with dressed Douglas Fir, either inside or outside, you’ll want to protect the wood by properly finishing it. We talked to our experts to compile the top four tips on how to properly finish your Douglas Fir lumber:  1. Wait for Lumber to Dry   In order for stain or other finish to properly soak…

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