Wood Texture Options: Rough Sawn, Skip-Dressed, Fresh Sawn, and Dressed

Wood Texture Options

When purchasing lumbers and timbers, you’ll be confronted with wood texture (sometimes called finishing) options. Understanding the difference between rough sawn, fresh sawn, skip-dressed, and dressed lumber might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually very straightforward!  Texture Roughness Rough Sawn High  Fresh Sawn  Medium  Skip-dressed  Low  Dressed  None  Wood texture options What is rough sawn timber?   Sometimes…

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Prefinished Wood Siding Guide

If you’re looking to re-side your home with wood, you have two main options: unfinished wood siding or prefinished wood siding.   Prefinished siding is popular because it comes with a factory finish, so you don’t need to worry about painting or staining after installation. It’s very easy to install and is warranted for up…

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