Explaining Cedar Grades

Deciphering cedar grades can be confusing. First, cedar can be graded using two different criteria: structure and appearance. Structural Grade Appearance Grade Used when strength and physical properties are the primary consideration. Generally, this grading only applies to timbers over 2” in width. Used when strength is not the primary consideration. Instead, cedar is visually…

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5 DIY Cedar Projects to Finish in a Weekend 

DIY Cedar Projects

Western red cedar is the ultimate building material because it’s naturally resistant to rot and decay, dimensionally stable, and is a sustainable resource. Many people choose cedar for large projects like decks and siding, but it’s also a great choice for smaller DIY projects.   We’ve rounded up 5 DIY cedar projects from Real Cedar that…

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Best Lumber for Building a Pergola

Pergolas are a great backyard addition, and we field a lot of questions about the best lumber to use when building this type of outdoor structure. Our top two recommendations are always the same: western red cedar or Douglas fir. Western Red Cedar Pergolas Cedar is our number one choice for pergola lumber because we…

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Pergola Hardware

To build a pergola, you need two things: lumber and hardware. While people do have questions about the best wood for a pergola, the bigger roadblock is usually what kind of hardware to use. There are countless hardware options on the market, but we suggest one of two brands: Toja Grid brackets or the Outdoor…

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Deck Board Profiles Explained 

Deck Board Profiles

There’s more to choosing decking than just picking the material. You also need to choose a deck board profile. There are three main profiles: solid, grooved, and tongue and groove. The type of profile impacts the performance and appearance of your deck, so it’s important to choose the right decking profile for your project.   Solid…

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2024 Cedar Pricing and Availability

Cedar Pricing Availability

Cedar prices and availability have fluctuated over the last few years, but we’re expecting our stock to remain stable again for the 2024 building season.  The building industry has continued to remain stable, which has allowed us to maintain most of the pricing for our 2024 stock.  2024 Cedar Pricing At The WoodSource, we aim to…

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Cedar, Ipe or Red Batu Decking — Which is Best for You?

Wood options for deck

When it comes to the best wood for an Ottawa deck, there are three main options: Western Red cedar, Ipe, and Red Batu. Any of these woods would be an excellent choice for your deck, and often the decision comes down to personal preference and budget considerations.   Cedar  Western red cedar is the classic decking…

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4 Tips to Finish a Cedar Deck

Finish a cedar deck

Are you installing a western red cedar deck and looking advice before you apply your finish?  Cedar is an incredibly durable building material that’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. To keep your deck looking great for years to come, follow these four steps:  1. Proper Preparation  The first step to finishing a cedar…

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Knotty vs. Select Cedar – Which Should You Choose?    

select/knotty cedar decking

Knotty vs. Select Cedar is the question we are going to help you answer today. Western red cedar is a popular material for interior and exterior applications, and rightfully so. It’s durable, sustainable, and beautiful. Cedar is also versatile because the wood is sorted based on a number of criteria, so you can choose the…

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