Recreating Broken or Missing Handles 

A frequent request in the CNC shop is whether we can replicate broken (or missing) handles. Usually, these requests come from people with antique or heritage items, like historical guns, treasured heirlooms, or other one-of-a-kind objects.

We recently completed an antique gun handle replica for a customer. Here’s the process we went through to create a faithful recreation of the original handgrip. 

Creating a Digital File

CNC machines require digital files to run. Often, customers just have an idea or an old/broken component that they want to replicate, so we create the digital files required. 

In this instance, the customer had already digitized the handle and provided all the necessary files.

Loading the Design

Once we have the final design, we load it into one of our CNC machines. For this replication, the client chose walnut, but the CNC machine can work with almost any material.  

After the file is loaded, the CNC machine takes over and expertly routers out the handle. In total, it took about one hour for the machine to router out the two sides of the handle.  

Take a look at how Theo created this walnut handle in our on-site CNC shop.

Once the handle was complete, it was packaged and sent back to the customer, who was able to quickly install it on his vintage firearm.    

In addition to historic and antique guns, we also replicate handles for a variety of other purposes including: 

  • Handles or pulls for cabinets or drawers. This is especially helpful for heritage homeowners trying to preserve the original charm but unable to find replacement pieces for missing or broken components.  
  • Handle replacement for specialty tools. We get enquiries from people in all sorts of fields – from agriculture to aeronautics – who are looking to replicate a broken handle for their highly specialized instruments.  

Another interesting way we use the CNC machine to make handles is through integrated drawer pulls. This is a unique option when people are looking for a clean and modern look.  

Reproducing antique handles, or creating new and unique ones, can be a complex process, but with a CNC machine, it’s possible to achieve extremely accurate results, even for intricate or ornate handles. 

Did you know we welcome projects of all sizes? 

Customers often tell us that they feel like their project isn’t big enough for the CNC shop, but the truth is, we’re set up to accommodate projects of all sizes and scopes. We can do small, one-off projects or large batch-run projects. 

If you have an idea for a project, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear about your idea and help bring your vision to life.