How to Choose Between TimberTech Lines 

You’ve made the decision to go with a composite decking product, and have even narrowed it down to TimberTech – but now what? The next step is to decide between the different TimberTech lines and figure out which one is right for your project. 

Three TimberTech Product Lines 

TimberTech organizes their decking products into three distinct lines: 

Choosing the right TimberTech line will depend on your specific project, personal preference and budget. 

MaterialCappedFade & Stain WarrantyManufacturer Warranty
TimberTech Azek PVCCapped Polymer 50 Year Fade & Stain Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty 
TimberTech Pro Composite4-Sided Capped 30 Year Fade & Stain Warranty 30 Year Limited Warranty 
TimberTech Edge Composite3- Sided Capped  25 Year Fade & Stain Warranty 25 Year Limited Warranty 

TimberTech Azek

Azek and TimberTech used to be separate companies until they merged in 2012 – adding a PVC deck option to TimberTech’s lineup.  

There are four distinct advantages to the TimberTech Azek Line: 

  1. PVC deck boards don’t have any organic material in the decking core or surface, making them resistant to water. Azek decking also has the added protection of their patented Alloy Armour Technology, which protects the surface from mould, mildew and rot. 
  1. Azek deck boards are 100% synthetic, making them extremely lightweight. When compared to standard composite decking, Azek is about 25-35% lighter.  
  1. TimberTech’s Azek line has better heat distribution. When compared to composites in similar colours, Azek tends to be cooler to the touch (and more comfortable on the feet!). 
  1. Azek is the only line that offers multi-width decking. It’s available in 3 widths for unique design options. 

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TimberTech Pro 

The TimberTech Pro line is a composite decking product with a core that is made from over 70% recycled material (wood and plastic). TimberTech actually built their own recycling plant, diverting thousands of pounds of plastic from landfills into their products.  

TimberTech Pro is the brand’s premium composite line: 

  1. The deck boards are capped on all four sides. Unlike some other composite decking products, even the groove is capped – which protects against moisture, mildew and rot.  
  1. Another thing that sets TimberTech’s composite line apart from competitors is there is absolutely no wood fiber in the cap material. TimberTech developed a proprietary protective shell that helps prevent the surface from weathering and/or cracking. 

TimberTech Edge 

The final TimberTech line is called Edge. Just like the Pro line, it’s a composite decking material, and the core is made from a mixture of plastic and wood particles. It also features the same capped material – which is 100% synthetic – protecting it from water damage. 

There are two things that set TimberTech Edge apart from the Pro line: 

  1. Edge collection deck boards are only capped on three-sides. 
  1. The board bottoms are scalloped instead of solid. 

Because of these design choices, TimberTech Edge is priced lower than the other two TimberTech lines, making it a more budget-friendly option. 

Which TimberTech Line is Best? 

TimberTech makes three distinct lines so that you can choose the best product for your project and budget. If you’re looking for a PVC option – Azek is your best option. For people interested in an economical composite deck, TimberTech Edge is a great entry product. And for those that are looking for the longest-lasting composite deck, TimberTech Pro is the way to go. 

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