What’s the Difference Between TimberTech Collections? 

There are many decking options out there, and as a result it can be overwhelming to try and understand all the differences between the products.

In a recent article we went into depth on the different TimberTeach lines. To summarize, the TimberTech brand offers three distinct levels of products: Azek, Pro, and Edge. So, let’s dig deeper and break down their products into collections:

Let’s continue to learn the differences between each collection.

TimberTech Azek

Firstly, let’s start with the four collections in the Azek line: Vintage, Landmark, Harvest, and Porch.

Composition PVC PVC PVC PVC 
Texture Wire-brushed straight grain pattern with a low-gloss finish Cathedral wood grain complemented by a rustic cross-scut and matte finish Traditional cathedral wood grain pattern Porch boards are available in a variety of textures from other Azek collections 
Available Colours 
Board Profile Solid Bottom Solid Bottom Solid Bottom Solid Bottom, Tongue and Groove 
Capped 4-sides 3-sides 3-sides 3-sides 
Board Width Standard, Narrow, Wide Standard Standard, Wide Standard, Narrow 

Vintage Collection

Vintage is the top-of-the-line Azek collection. It features sophisticated, natural colours with a wire-brushed, low-gloss finish for an authentic wood look. Customers have a variety of colours to choose from: Coastline, Weathered Teak, Dark Hickory, Mahogany, and English Walnut.
The deck boards in this collection have a solid bottom and are capped on four sides for maximum weather protection. Another unique feature of the Vintage collection is that it comes in three widths: standard, narrow, and wide.

Landmark Collection

Now for a step below Vintage is the Landmark collection. These deck boards have a cathedral wood grain texture (arch-shaped grain lines that nest inside one another) and a matte finish. The Landmark collection is inspired by the natural beauty of reclaimed wood, which is reflected in the three colour choices: Castle Gate, French White Oak, and American Walnut.

As with the Vintage collection, Legacy deck boards have a solid bottom; however, Legacy decking is only capped on 3-sides and only comes in the standard width.

Harvest Collection

Next in Azek line is the Harvest collection. This decking features a simple cathedral pattern paired with a solid colour palette. The two colour options in this collection are Brownstone and Slate Grey.

While the Harvest collection is a full profile (solid bottom), these deck boards are only capped on 3-sides. All colour options are available in both standard and wide widths.

Porch Collection

The Porch collection is the only tongue and groove option from TimberTech. The interlocking nature means no gaps between the boards – perfect for protected areas like covered decks or porches. This versatile collection includes six colours: Coastline, Dark Hickory, Mahogany, Weathered Teak, Oyster, Slate Gray. All colours come in standard width, with select colours also available in a wide width.

TimberTech Pro

The three TimberTech collections in the Pro line are Legacy, Reserve, and Terrain.

Composition Composite Composite Composite 
Texture Varied wood grain pattern with a low-gloss, wire-brushed finish Cathedral wood grain with wire-brushed finish Cathedral wood grain 
Available Colours 
Board Profile Solid Bottom Solid Bottom Scalloped 
Capped 4-sides 4-sides 4-sides 
Board Width Standard Standard Standard 

Legacy Collection

At the top of the TimberTech’s Pro line is the Legacy collection. Every board has a unique hand-scraped texture and a complex blend of pigments to create a realistic wood finish. There are five colours to choose from in the Legacy collection: Mocha, Ashwood, Espresso, Pecan, and Tigerwood.

The Legacy collection deck boards are full-profile, capped on four sides, and come in the standard width.

Reserve Collection

A step down from Legacy is the Reserve collection. Coupled with a multi-color design, dramatic highlights and subtle undertones, the decking recreates the complex textures and colours found in nature. The three on-trend colours to choose from in the Reserve Collection are Antique Leather, Dark Roast, and Driftwood.

As with the Legacy collection, the Reserve collection is a solid bottom, capped on four sides, and available in the standard width.

Terrain Collection

The Terrain collection is a cost-conscious option. The simple texture and colouring reduce the cost and creates a monochromatic finish. The TimberTech Terrain collection offers five colour options: Brown Oak, Rustic Elm, Sandy Birch, Silver Maple, and Stone Ash.

Another feature that reduces the cost of this collection is the scalloped design. Instead of a full profile, the Terrain decking is grooved on the bottom. Lastly, like the other options in the Pro line, Terrain decking is capped on all four sides and comes in the standard width.

TimberTech Edge

There is only one collection available in TimberTech’s Edge line – Prime+.

Composition Composite 
Texture Naturally coloured blended boards 
Available Colours 
Board Profile Scalloped 
Capped 3-sides 
Board Width Standard 

Prime+ Collection

This cost-conscious option has a lower price point because of its simplistic colouring and texture. This budget-friendly composite decking option still offers three popular colour choices: Dark Cocoa, Sea Salt Gray, and Coconut Husk.

Additionally, it should also be noted that to further reduce the price, the Prime+ collection uses a scalloped board profile and is only capped on 3-sides.

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