5 Reasons to Use Red Batu for Decking   

Red Batu hardwood is an increasingly popular exterior decking wood. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it’s durable in harsh weather conditions: a winning combination! Red Batu is similar to other hardwoods like Ipe, and can be used in place of composite or synthetic decking. In addition to decks, Red Batu can also be used to build fences, bridges, docks, and boardwalks. 

What is Red Batu?  

Red Batu wood typically comes from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. It resembles the rich classic look of genuine mahogany, and the colour ranges from medium to deep red/brown. A unique feature of Red Batu is the white resin canals that run in concentric lines on the end surfaces which can be quite striking. The texture is moderately fine, and grain is typically interlocked.  

5 Benefits of Using Red Batu for Decking 

  1. Resistant and Durable 

Red Batu wood is naturally insect, fire and decay resistant, making it the perfect choice for outdoor applications like decks. As a testament to its durability, it’s extremely resistant to scratches, dents and abrasions. It can also withstand almost any environment; from hot and dry, to humid, to extreme cold. This makes it the perfect decking choice for Ottawa homes. 

2. Beautiful Colour 

Red Batu has a very similar look to mahogany but has deeper red undertones that makes it stand out from other decking choices.  If you choose to finish the boards, the interlocked grain holds stains and polishes well. When not stained, Red Batu will weather naturally to a nice silvery grey patina, which many homeowners find quite attractive. Treated or not, the material will maintain its beauty and structural integrity for 50 years or more!  

3. Smooth Texture 

It is a rarity to find Red Batu wood that contains any knots, holes or odd colour variations. The tight grain pattern makes it pleasing to look at and it really adds sophistication to a deck or outdoor structure. 

4. Cost Efficient  

Red Batu is a hardwood that is uniquely beautiful and a proven performer that won’t break the bank. This exotic wood is priced approximately 30-50% less than Ipe, with its comparable density you can be sure to spend your money on something you know will last!  

5. Minimal Maintenance 

Maintaining Red Batu decking isn’t difficult or time consuming. It requires a wash once or twice a year and then treating annually with special finishing oil (if you’d like to preserve the colour). 

Finishing Tip: 

While finishing the wood is optional, treating the wood with proper oil will keep the material looking new. Penetrating finishes are best for protecting Red Batu decks and minimize overall maintenance. We recommend CUTEK Extreme oil with a colour tint.  This will give the wood UV resistance to help reduce fading from sunlight and repel moisture which can cause mildew to form in damp areas.  

If you wish to let the decking weather into a beautiful grey, then no finishing is needed. As far as maintenance, Red Batu decking is pretty hands off. Simply wash the decking as needed to clean off dust, dirt, and other debris! 

Red Batu Installation Tips 

It’s important to make sure you’re using high quality hardware and fasteners to preserve the high-end look of Red Batu.  In exterior applications like this stainless-steel fasteners work best. 

There are two ways to install Red Batu decking: face installation or hidden fasteners. 

Face Installation 

When using solid Red Batu decking boards, you can pre-drill holes and countersink screws. There are colour-matched plugs available to cover the screws to create a seamless-looking decking surface. 

Hidden Fasteners 

The other option is to use grooved Red Batu decking boards and a hidden fastening system like the EB-TY Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System. (Did you know that we groove our Red Batu deck boards on-site?)

Red Batu is a great alternative for people who want the look of Ipe, but without the price tag. You can expect quality without compromise when using Red Batu for your decking project! 

If you want to learn more about this new product, reach out and we’ll connect you with one of our sales staff.

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