Thermally Modified Wood

Wood treated with thermal modification has been through a non-toxic process that heats the wood to temperatures of at least 400°F, changing its structural make-up.

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Why Choose Thermally Modified Wood

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Thermal modification stabilizes the wood, making it less likely to warp, check, bow, cup, twist, or expand and contract.

During the modification process all natural sugars are cooked out of the wood, so there's less chance of insect or mould damage.

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The high heat changes the wood's colour creating a beautiful, exotic look that can be preserved with an oil-based UV sealant.

Untreated, as the wood weathers it naturally ages to a rich silver colour.

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Enjoy your deck, even on the hottest days. Thermally modified wood naturally disperses heat.

Modified wood is milled and sanded to help prevent splinters.


Tantimber brings an interior design feel to the outdoor environment. With unsurpassed stability, performance and rot resistance, combined with captivating beauty, Tantimber sets the standard in exterior opulence.

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Thermory deck boards are designed, modified and milled with the perfect outdoor experience in mind. Each board is naturally beautiful, expertly modified, and highly functional - the perfect mix of art and science.

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