Toja Grid

Toja Grid is a simple-to-install modular DIY pergola system. The Canadian-made brackets are triple coated to prevent rusting and can be used with any dressed structural lumber to create the perfect pergola. 


The Toja Grid Advantage

Modular Expanded


Toja Grid brackets can be configured in an infinite number of ways to create one-of-a-kind structures.

Durable Expanded


Every bracket is treated with three layers of weather-resistant coating to prevent rusting.

Quick Expanded

Quick Installation

Each Toja Grid section can be assembled in about 60 minutes.
No special tools are required.

Another benefit of choosing Toja is that it is an Ontario company (headquartered in Oakville, Ontario) and they manufacture all their brackets in Canada.

Toja Pergola Kits

We’ve made it easier to buy and install a pergola by pairing the popular Toja Grid brackets with our own dressed lumber. Our Toja Grid pergola kits come with everything you need to build your picture-perfect pergola

Our pergola kits are free-standing and can be customized by:

Size Choose either 4x4 or 6x6 posts in a variety of footprints and heights.
Species We offer kits with dressed western red cedar posts, Douglas fir posts, or pressure treated posts.
Open or Shade Sail Keep the pergola open at the top with an optional rafter add-on or choose one with a Shade Sail.

Tips for Building Toja Pergola Kits


Use Two Screws Per Side 

Toja brackets come with eight screw holes on each side; however, screws should only be installed in the two openings closest to the wood.

The other openings are to attach accessories. If you’d like to fill all the openings with holes for aesthetic reasons, additional fasteners and covers can be purchased.

Brackets only come with enough screws to use two per side.

The Best Lumber to Use with Toja
Pergola Kits


Toja brackets are designed to work with dressed lumber (also referred to as nominal lumber). Nominal lumber is not to size but is actually ½ an inch smaller than the stated dimensions. So, if you purchase a 4x4 true SOLO base, make sure the wood actually measures 3-½x3-½”.

For species, we recommend either western red cedar or Douglas fir because of its strength, durability, and beauty. You could also use pressure-treated lumber, but it’s more susceptible to cracking and warping.

For more detailed information on pergola lumber options, read our article: Best Lumber for Building a Pergola.

For questions about Toja pergola kits, don’t hesitate to reach out. A sales associate would be happy to put together a custom quote for your project.

Stain or Finish Wood After Assembly

We recommend assembling the pergola and then staining or finishing the wood.


This allows the wood to dry evenly on all four sides. As will all projects, make sure the wood is dry before applying a stain or finish.
When using western red cedar or Douglas fir posts, we recommend using CUTEK Extreme Stabilizer oil to finish the lumber.

Looking for a specialty item not listed on our website? We can special order it for you!

Build a Custom Pergola Kit

We also carry the full line of Toja Grid brackets to build a custom pergola.

SOLO Pergola Post Base and Wall Mount Brackets

Anchor bracket for posts (4x4 or 6x6) that goes into the ground or a wall. (Anchoring hardware not included.)

TRIO 3 Arm Corner Brackets 

90° 3-arm corner bracket to be used with 4x4 or 6x6 posts. 



QUAD 4 Arm Extension Brackets 

Connects two or more pergolas for a larger space. (Recommended wood span is 12’ per section.) 

QUINT 5 ARM Structure Expansion Brackets 

Connects three pergolas in an “L” shape or can be used to attach four pergolas in large commercial applications. 

DUO L Brackets 

Extends the privacy
wall (with rafters or shade
sail) beyond
the pergola structure.

T Bracket 

A multipurpose bracket that’s used to extend the span of your structure to include a partial privacy wall.

KNECT Side Bracket 

Adds a privacy wall or railing to your pergola structure. There are different brackets for posts and 2x lumber 





KNECT Top Brackets 

Adds rafters to the top of your pergola. There are different brackets for posts and 2x lumber. 

*Please note, there is only version of the 4x4 and 6x6 KNECT. They can be used on the side or the top of the structure. 


GRID 30 

The GRID 30 collection allows you to build an angled and peaked roof pergola.

These brackets include angled versions of the SOLO, TRIO, and QUAD hardware.


In addition to the core brackets, Toja has also developed a line of accessories including: 

  • Planters 
  • Side Tables 
  • Hooks 
  • Umbrella Tops 

Mix and match these accessories with your pergola to create the perfect backyard escape!

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