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Western Red Cedar Siding Ottawa WoodSource

We supply a variety of unfinished and finished wood siding & paneling products.

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Unfinished WoodSource Siding & Paneling Profiles

1x12 wavy edge siding Ottawa WoodSource

1x12 Wavy Edge Siding

1x10 bevel Ottawa WoodSource

1x10 Bevel

8 Bevel Profile Ottawa WoodSource

8" Bevel

Rough Faced Channel Ottawa WoodSource

Rough Faced Channel

1x6 V-Joint T&G Siding

1x6 V-Joint T&G Siding

Copy of 1x6 V-Joint T&G Siding

1x6 V-Joint T&G Siding

1x6 Cove Siding

1x6 Cove Siding

1x4 v-joint Ottawa WoodSource

1x4 V-Joint/1x4 Centre Bead

1x4 V-Joint Ottawa WoodSource

1x4 V-Joint

Maibec genuine wood siding is manufactured to the industry's strictest standards for performance and appearance. With its visible wood grain, Maibec’s textured finish produces a classic warm look that never goes out of style. It's available in a wide range of solid colours and natural tones.

Outdoor Use

Maibec CanExel is an engineered prefinished siding that's designed to be durable while maintaining an appearance of authentic wood. The fibre-based siding is available in a variety of colours and profiles.

Outdoor Use

Maibec Ottawa WoodSource
Maibec CanExel Ottawa WoodSource

Cape Cod Wood Siding is sealed on all sides, so you can enjoy the benefits of natural wood, but with a low-maintenance finish. There are a number of profiles - from classic horizontal, traditional bevel, vertical board and batten, to a sleek contemporary channel.

Outdoor Use


Fraser siding is made from Canadian softwood, sustainably harvested from 100% PEFC certified forests in British Columbia. This high-quality wood is manufactured with extreme precision, creating a strong and stable wood product that will protect your home for decades.

Outdoor Use

Fraser Siding Ottawa WoodSource

LP SmartSide siding is an engineered wood product that's built to last. It offers superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites. It's available in 16 prefinished colours to complement any home.

Outdoor Use

LP Siding Ottawa WoodSource

Woodtone Shiplap is an engineered pine product perfect for ceilings or walls. This exceptional product arrives factory coated with white primer, ready for on-site top coating in the colour of your choice.

Available sizes:

  • 1x6 Pine Penny Gap Shiplap (Primed)
  • 1x8 Pine Penny Gap Shiplap (Primed)

Indoor Use

WoodTone Siding Ottawa WoodSource

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