HOFT Fencing

HOFT is an easy-to-install slide fencing system that requires no nails or screws. The all-aluminum posts are durable, weather-resistant and can be anchored on wood, cement, composite or fibreglass.

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How Does the HOFT System Work?

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Choose Your Height

HOFT offers three different height options:

  • 44"
  • 6'
  • 8'

Please Note: 8' posts should be anchored in 2’ of concrete. 

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Plan Your Posts

Mix-and-match posts to create your custom fence or privacy wall:

  • End Post
  • Corner Post
  • Line Post
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Choose Infill Boards

Customize the look with standard decking:

  • Any 5/4 wood decking
  • Any 1" composite boards

Please Note: Infill boards sold separately


Add HOFT Accessories

Planter - Create your own vertical garden with HOFT's medium and large planters.

Shelf - Maximize your outdoor space by adding additional storage anywhere along your privacy fence.

Hooks - Hang towels, BBQ accessories, framed artwork and more. (Sold as a 2-pack.)

Gate Kit - Complete your fence with a customizable gate. The gate kit can easily be cut to the required height and any specific width (up to 48" wide).

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