Cut Type Price Lead Time Definitions
0-10 Rough Cuts $1/set the blade
On the spot Rough: +/- 1/8"
11-30 Rough Cuts $1/set the blade
3-5 business days
30+ Cuts or Precision Cutting Must be quoted by CNC,
minimum $160 service fee.
Dependent on job Precision: Exact cuts
Lumber (Up to 2x12)
Cut Type Price Lead Time Definitions
0-5 Rough Cuts Free On the spot Rough: Cut to the closest foot
with potential for variance.

Service is to fit material into vehicle.
6-20 Rough Cuts $1/cut
(less first 5 free)
On the spot
20+ Rough Cuts Not a service we offer
Precision Cutting $50 set up
7 days Precision: Exact cuts
Live Edge
Cut Type Price Lead Time Notes
Crosscut $25 <17" On the spot
>17" 2-5 business days
Live edge slabs can be cut
as long as there is a
minimum of four feet left.
Rip/Joint $50 2-5 business days