Sundry Items

To compliment our expansive wood selection we stock a number of sundry items to help make your shopping experience a little easier.

Cedar Breather & Homeslicker

Cedar Breather and Home Slicker are innovative products designed to prevent moisture problems when installing wood siding and roofing. These products protect the beauty and life of wood roofing and siding by providing a space for continuous airflow between the solid roof deck/wall sheathing and shingles/shake or wood siding. This air flow eliminates excess moisture, prevents thermal cupping and warping and reduces the potential for rotting. The cedar breather is intended for roofing applications and is available in rolls of 200 sqft and the Homeslicker is intended for side wall applications and comes in rolls of 150 sqft. Learn more about these and other innovative products at the Manufacturers website.

Saw Blades & Router Bits

Freud has earned a reputation for quality woodworking tools and accessories over the past 50 years. With several unique design features, Freud saw blades are among the longest lasting and best performing blades in the industry. At the Wood Source we carry a number of the most popular 10” and 12” blades as well as a good selection of ¼” and ½” router bits and cutting sets.

Please note that we also have a sharpening service for all your blades and bits.  This service picks up and drops off every Monday.


We carry the Big Stretch line of caulking. Its powerful adhesion and extreme elasticity will stick, twist, bend, compress, and stretch – more than 500% of original size! Great for virtually any caulking application.

Sand Paper

We carry flooring sand paper (20grit – 100grit), sand paper discs for orbital palm sanders (60-220grit) and regular square sand paper (80-220grit).

Drawer Slides & Hinges

We stock a basic econo drawer slide and a full extension ball bearing drawer slide in sizes ranging from 12 inch to 22 inch. We also stock a range of European door hinges including a soft close door hinge.


We stock Titebond’s selection of wood glues. It is our belief that Titebond offers the best quality and selection of wood glue on the market today. Titebond has been making wood glues for 75 years and offers the full range from a basic wood glue to Titebond III ultimate water proof glue. We are confident that you will find the wood glue to meet your specific requirement at The Wood Source.

Wood Filler

We stock Le Pages tinted wood fillers, Famowood for Interior and Exterior use as well as Timbermate wood filler.  We believe  Timbermate is the best wood filler available on the market, it never shrinks, sinks, cracks, or falls out! It comes in 13 wood tones, ranging from Australian Cypress to Walnut, and our Natural/Tint Base can be mixed with any type of tint or stain.  Unlike ordinary wood fillers, if Timbermate dries out, just add water so there’s never any waste. 

Screws, Nails & Fasteners

We carry a variety of screws, nails and fastening systems to keep your wood products held together. Of particular note is our stock of Fastenmaster products. These are the premier family of structural screws on the market today with one-to-one replacement value of much larger lag bolts…without the need for pilot-hole drilling. We also carry the Camo hidden fastener system which is an extremely effective system for fastening your deck in place without unsightly screws ruining the top finish. Finally we carry the recommended fastening systems for all of our premium decking products including all of the PVC/composite brands, thermory and IPE.