Fence & Deck Hardware

We stock a full line of gate hardware, fence and deck post caps and metal railing balusters to bring your job together. Screws, nails and fasteners are also available in many sizes, shapes and varieties to suit the specific needs of your project. Below you will find the different types and brands of hardware that we carry.

Antique Hardware

Door Knocker
Door Studs
Heavy Duty Handle
Ring Latch
Slide Bolt
Spring Handle
Thumb Latch


3/4" Collar
Square Surface Mount Adaptor
Stair Rail Adaptor
Deck Rail Adaptor
Square Surface Mount Stair Adaptor
Stair Rail Adaptor
Square Deck Rail Connector
Square Stair Rail Connector
Arched (31" & 40")
Napoletani Deck Rail Panel
Square (32" & 36")
Napoletani Stair Rail Panel
Veneziani Deck Rail Panel
Veneziani Stair Rail Panel

Gate & Beam Hardware- Nuvo Iron

Decor. Gate Access Diamond
Decorative Gate Access- Oval
Rectangle 9"x17"
Rectangular 15"x24"
Decor. Gate Access- Round
Decor. Gate Access- Square
Decor. Gate Insert- Half Round
4-1/2" Round
Gate and Beam Nuvo
Saddle Bracket- 6x6
Post to Beam Supports
Stair Rail Connector
Traditional Post Latch

Gate Hardware- Snug Cottage hardware

Gate Combo Kit
Gate Pull
Latch and Catch
Self Closing Gate Spring
6" Tee Hinge
Thumb Latch
Slide Bolt
Cane Bolt
Corner Brace
Decorative Corner
Fixed Gravity Latch
Ring Latch
Thumb Latch
Hinge 9&12

Post Caps

4x4 Black
4x4 Copper
Black Ball Cap
Black Solar
Coppar Solar 1
Copper Solar 2
Copper Solar Adaptor
Flat Cedar
Pyramid Cedar
Black Solar Adaptor

Hand Forged Hardware

Large Door Knocker
Straight Beam Hook
LargeTwisted Door Knocker
Twisted Beam Hook (S, M, L)
Loon Neck Poker
Small Door Knocker
Small Twisted Door Knocker

Titan - Deck Hardware

Post Anchor - 4x4 & 6x6
Auger - 24" & 36"
Shadow Rail Stair Connector
Black Post Skirt - 4x4 & 6x6
Hammer Tool
Cedar Post Skirt - 4x4 & 6x6
Hole Saw - 4x4
Center Guide - 4x4 & 6x6
Holes Saw - 6x6
Deck Devil Board Straightener
Shadow Rail Connector